Frequently asked questions about guteURLs Preview Box Wordpress plugin

  • How to cancel subscription payments?

    Just send an email and the subscption will end. Please write in your email:
    - your payment email address (paypal email address),
    - your website URL, where you have used guteURLs Preview Box.
    - your received token (licence key).
    Send this email to

  • I reveived a licence key/token. What now?

    Open your Wordpress Administration area.
    On the left menu, you click on
    URL Preview
    Then you can enter the licence key.

  • Is it free to use?

    For testing reasons it is free.
    It is free, if:
    - you use it on your private homepage,
    - which has no commerical offers/services and advertising,
    - maximum 500 request/week
    - and maximum 5 boxes on your website.

  • Is it possible to remove the text "" in the widget below the image next to "read full article her"?

    Yes, it is possible for customers, who have th €7 or €19 subscription.
    This must be requested per Email, then I can configure it.